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Barbados elects first-ever president, replacing British monarchy | News

The former British colony will replace the UKs Queen Elizabeth as its head of state and become a republic. Barbados has elected its first-ever president to replace the United Kingdom’s …

The New York Times

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N.I.H. Says Bat Research Group Failed to Submit Prompt Virus Findings

The National Institutes of Health said on Wednesday that a nonprofit group under fire from some congressional Republicans for its research collaborations in China had failed to promptly report findings …

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Vaccinated People Can Travel, Says The CDC

Vaccinated people can safely travel, according to new CDC guidelines released on Friday, but must continue to take COVID-19 safety precautions while doing so, like wearing a mask in public …


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London has more statues of animals than it does of women and people of color, a new study says

Across London, 8% of public sculptures depict animals, while only 4% depict women, according to the study from the British charity Art UK, which was published on Thursday. People of …

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How Belarus is helping ‘tourists’ break into the EU

Belarus is accused of taking revenge for EU sanctions by offering migrants tourist visas, and helping them across its border. Source link